Just Dandy Pet Parlour “Business of the week”




Just Dandy Pet Parlour, formerly The Village Pet Groomer, opened Nov. 1. Located in the La Plaza Grande shopping center next to Winn-Dixie, new owners Jean and Kevin Olivier-White have spruced up the place and are offering new services and products, but are thrilled to have maintained the same staff from the former business.

“We have three fantastic groomers and an excellent bather,” said Jean.

So while the owners are new and the place looks a little different, the continuity of the same staff for their clients is a real plus.The variety of dog treats now includes gluten free, grain free and vegetarian. Holiday treats are in stock including pumpkin/ginger and sweet potato pie.




“Most of our treats are American made,” said Jean.  “I don’t sell anything I wouldn’t feed to my own animals.”  In fact Jean and Kevin’s six dogs are usually the taste testers for which products to sell.

WE offer cat grooming and a Cat Corner of supplies and treats will soon be added to the shop and will coordinate transportation for someone who needs their pet groomed, but cannot bring the animal in.

Jean and Kevin were very involved in animal rescue in Danbury, Conn. They fostered more than 200 dogs. For the last 14 years they had been visiting Kevin’s parents in The Villages and had gotten to know the owners of the Village Pet Groomer. They moved here in 2013 and Jean had been searching for what she wanted to do

When the former owners told her they were selling the business she knew she had found what she wanted to do. “Owning this business is like your first love or boyfriend. I wake up every morning and can’t wait to see it again,” she said.

Jean plans to get involved with the community. They are a Toys for Tots drop-off location. In December, they will participate in the drive to collect supplies for Lake County Animal Control.

While regular customers will feel familiar they will continue to see new products. Christmas sweaters and strollers are coming soon.  Village of Pennecamp resident Rick Knight brought in Maggie to be groomed by her regular groomer Ann Simonsen.

“I love this place,” said Knight. “Maggie likes it and that is the main thing.”

The Parlour is open Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday by appointment. For more information call 259-7000.