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Canadian Meds

Let us help to get your prescriptions safely delivered to your door.


744 US 441 lady Lake FL

Caregiver Services, Inc.

CSI-Registry’s vision is to be the most trusted name in caregiver referral services in the United States by offering clients access to rigorously screened independent caregivers who can deliver the best in value, reliability and quality in the communities we serve.

10935 SE 177th Place, Suite 304
Summerfield, FL

Central Florida Health Alliance

We welcome you to either of our Hospital facilities, Leesburg Regional Medical Center (LRMC) or The Villages Regional Hospital (TVRH).

600 East Dixie Ave.
Leesburg, FL

Connect Hearing
Connect Hearing

We provide a strong network of convenient neighborhood hearing care centers across the country that continually strives to find innovative ways to serve you better.

Our Hearing Care Professionals are passionate about helping people to hear better, applying a consistent process to determine the best recommendations for your hearing health.

We provide free next day evaluations with professional recommendations based upon your individual hearing needs and lifestyle.

We offer a walk-in, walk-out 2-week FREE trial with hearing aids that are right for you - plus the Connect Advantage, your assurance Connect Hearing will be there every step of the way.

Headquartered in the Chicago area, we are a fast growing division of Sonova (SOON:US), the world's leading provider of innovative hearing healthcare solutions.

1130 Bichara Blvd.
Lady Lake, FL

Davis Clinic of Chiropractic

What you’ll find is what so many other residents of The Villages® and surrounding area residents have discovered: Chiropractic is amazingly simple. Chiropractic is remarkably safe. And Chiropractors can be helpful for a variety of health problems—problems that rarely resolve on their own.

BBB Accredited Business

Waiting will only postpone the moment you enjoy relief. So give Davis Clinic of Chiropractic a call now. Countless residents of The Villages® Community already have!

1585 Santa Barbara Blvd., Ste A
The Villages, FL

Energy Medical
Energy Medical

Eliminate Pain even when nothing else works!

We are leaders in the field of electric medicine. Not only can we help you to look better, feel better and perform better but, We Specialize in Eliminating Pain Even if Nothing Else Works!

Energy Medical Center (EMed), with its state of the art facility and experienced staff, is here to help you regain your health and achieve your wellness goals. At EMed, we value you, and our results driven, “patient-centered” services help you to Look Better, Feel Better and Perform Better; by addressing the root cause of what is affecting you instead of just covering up the symptoms. We believe that your body has an extraordinary potential to heal on its own, but needs a jumpstart sometimes. AMT is the jumpstart you need! Our holistic way of treatment gives you a sense of empowerment over your own health.

At Energy Medical, you’ll find a team of experts including licensed AMT techs, massage therapists, cosmetologists and nutritionists to help you optimize your appearance, performance and health. We believe in giving you control over your health, and healing your body, instead of just treating the symptoms. That’s why, after going through our process, you’ll get a chance to live a REAL LIFE. A life without disease, pain or suffering!

Science confirms that we are energetic beings. Every cell in our body runs on electricity. This electrical current is what is measured by EKGs, EMGs, & EEGs, measuring the electrical voltages of the heart, muscles and brain. If you are suffering with any kind of disease, pain or injuries that just won't heal it's simply that your body does not have enough of the required energy to restore normal cellular function.

We believe that health is simple; Disease cannot live in a healthy environment. All disease is a toxic response. If you remove the toxin you will remove the response. Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal and perform if we only have enough energy and the right nutrients.

We also understand that all body systems are connected and work together. Our principle of management, is simple yet highly effective. We call it the F.E.E.D system.

Fuel: Your body runs properly if you fuel it with the right nutrients.
Exercise: Flow is life and you’ve to make sure to keep your body moving.
Energize: Every cell, tissue and organ in your body runs on electricity. A break in the supply of this current results in pain and injury. AMT can jumpstart, recharge and vitalize every cell in your body to eliminate pain and accelerate your natural healing process.
Detoxify: Your body hoards up toxins, which then manifest as pain, inflammation and injury. By improving lymph drainage, AMT makes sure that the level of your body toxins never runs high.

This F.E.E.D. system helps regain, maintain, and optimize your overall health and wellness. When this understanding is combined with AMT you will look feel and perform better on every level. AMT is the worlds most advanced micro-current delivery system for energizing and detoxifying the human body at a cellular level! Don't be confused. Not all micro-current
352 552-1889

17820 SE 109th Ave
Summerfield, FL

Etheredge Chiropractic
Etheredge Chiropractic

Welcome to Etheredge Chiropractic
Located in The Villages, Fruitland Park & Leesburg, Florida

Etheredge Chiropractic of Fruitland Park, Florida is committed to providing the highest standards of Chiropractic care in a safe, effective and preventative manner. Our experienced staff is highly skilled in providing fast, gentle relief from a variety of conditions. Dr. Kim Etheredge is a respected leader in the Chiropractic field utilizing proven adjustment methods.

Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology including X-ray, decompression units, physical and rehabilitation therapies, including progressive diagnostic tools such as Digital Motion X-ray and Soleve non-invasive targeted neurostimulation.
We offer same day service and welcome personal injury and workers' compensation cases in addition to the many insurance companies we participate with, including Medicare. Residents of Fruitland Park and Central Florida know that excellent chiropractic health care is right here in the neighborhood.

Our attentive and caring staff looks forward to helping you restore your health so you can return to an active, healthy lifestyle and take advantage of many of the wonderful recreational activities available in Fruitland Park.

910 Old Camp Road, Bldg. 110
The Villages, Fl

Florida Dermatology and Skin Cancer Centers

Florida Dermatology and Skin Cancer Centers Are Florida's premier dermatology clinics. We are comprehensive dermatological centers, offering a wide variety of services to help you keep , protect and return to healthy, beautiful skin. We offer services in general dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, and skin cancer treatments.
Put your best face forward with our effective cosmetic ans spa services sure to help you relax and rejuvenate. Our highly experienced staff member use top-quality ingredients and medications to ensure your experience is pleasant and safe.

836 CR 466
Lady Lake, FL

Florida Hospital, The Villages Center for Health

Florida Hospital


8575 NE 138th Ln
Lady Lake, Fl

Hear More Medical Centers of America

Full Service hearing aid clinic located in the "Lange Eye Institute."


11834 Cty Rd 101, Ste 202
The Villages, Fl